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I am a delinquent!

So I realize I have been a little delinquent in posting on this blog. I realized this particularly when someone I do not know posted on my blog asking if I am alright, which made me feel kind of amazing (Wow, I have random people following me and concerned about my welfare!!) and a little crappy (wow, I am so delinquent, people worry about my safety!)

So here’s my flimsy excuse:  I have been up to oh so many things; among them, raising an 8-almost-9 month old–wait, how did that happen?- -and working on some “real” or “legit” writing projects (ie, a book of short stories I would like to someday get published because there are not nearly enough authors in this world trying to make it with thier substandard drivel!!1!), aaaaaaaaaaaaaand making the following video of my baby, entering in the Johnson’s Big Bubblin Stars Contest, and being selected as one of the finalists!

To view it, and to vote for us, (and please do!), go to http://www.youtube.com/baby, click the vote tab and give “Puppy Kisses and Bedtime Bubbles” a thumbs up!  You can vote once per day and the voting only goes until the 27th so we need all the help we can get 🙂

Also I am currently in GA visiting my crazy family, so here’s the deal.  As soon as I am back in my own digs and this voting craziness is over, I will get back to posting. With the dog blog Mondays and everything.  You’re so welcome.