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Dog Blog Guide to Sun Care

Today it is 88° in the Chicago land area and Beau wants to remind you all to stay safe.  He offers these guidelines to enjoying the sun responsibly:

1.  Always wear sunscreen.  Protecting your skin is a big part of Beau’s maintenance routine.

2.  Don’t forget to protect your eyes.  Also good for looking stylish outdoors or like a douche indoors.

3. Find a good book and curl up on your comfy couch because it is just too damn hot out there.

This has been a Dog Blog Guide to Sun Care.  Tune in next week for “How to Survive a Baby Coming to Your House and Stealing all the Attention, also Trying to Poop on All Your Things.”


Cheap-o Booze Hound

Am I allowed to explain the Busch Beer?  No?  Embarrassing.

Dog Blog Oldy but Goody

Obviously this was taken last spring.  still.  too humiliating not to post.

Dear Beau,

I would respect you more if you looked like less of a mongloid.

xoxo – me

Dog Blog!

There is no shortage of Christmas oranges in this household!

Please sir, can I have some more?