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Me: … Umm this is not what it looks like.

..Wait, does it look like someone pooped in the tub? Because then it is exactly what it looks like.


Dog Blog!

While I don’t know the exact details, I think it’ safe to say, he is going to wake up with one hell of a hangover.

PS – while those crookedy little bottom teeth may seem like an evolutionary dead end, I can tell you exactly what function they serve.  He uses them to pick out all the seams with surgical accuracy from any stuffed toy we give him in .053 seconds.  RIP every stuffed toy we have ever brought into our house.  Will prove damn useful during the stuffed animal zombie apocalypse of 2020 though.

Dog Blog Late Monday

in honor of Easter:

Does anyone actually eat these things?

ps – should I maybe clip his nails? oh, embarrassing.

the Day before Easter

Merry iPad Day everybody!  or as I like to call it Eve of the Day Sebastian Makes Heads Implode with His Indescribable Cuteness.

Being someone who routinely comes up with excuses to avoid going to church, it’s a pretty big deal that I am super excited for church tomorrow.  And there can only be one reason:  Sebastian’s Easter suit.  It actually used to be Patrick’s when he was little.  Hearts will melt, jaws will drop, people will try to steal him, but I’m going to be all, hands off, that’s my baby bitches!

oh, and there will be documentation.

I’m gonna soak up the sun

So I got a new bikini because my goal this summer?  8 hours of pool side sun a day.

Too bad there’s no way I can compete with this.

Dog Blog Fail

So I realize I haven’t updated in a week and now its monday again, but guess what?  Being a mom is hard!

Also last time I tried to get a photo of Beau he freaked out and peed on the floor, so not super excited about getting him to balance things on his head again.  😦  All that to say, I am a huge dog blog fail today.

Enjoy this image, which, although it is not of my puppy, has so many good things going on, I hope you’ll forgive me.

Reason #245 I Heart my Job

My boss, staring at computer screen:  “What is this, I don’t even think some of these are real countries… Bowl-A-Roos?  I’ve never even heard of that.”

Me: “… do you mean Belarus?”

Boss:  “Oh, yeah, I really got to start looking at this google maps thing more often”

aaaaand scene.