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I am a delinquent!

So I realize I have been a little delinquent in posting on this blog. I realized this particularly when someone I do not know posted on my blog asking if I am alright, which made me feel kind of amazing (Wow, I have random people following me and concerned about my welfare!!) and a little crappy (wow, I am so delinquent, people worry about my safety!)

So here’s my flimsy excuse:  I have been up to oh so many things; among them, raising an 8-almost-9 month old–wait, how did that happen?- -and working on some “real” or “legit” writing projects (ie, a book of short stories I would like to someday get published because there are not nearly enough authors in this world trying to make it with thier substandard drivel!!1!), aaaaaaaaaaaaaand making the following video of my baby, entering in the Johnson’s Big Bubblin Stars Contest, and being selected as one of the finalists!

To view it, and to vote for us, (and please do!), go to, click the vote tab and give “Puppy Kisses and Bedtime Bubbles” a thumbs up!  You can vote once per day and the voting only goes until the 27th so we need all the help we can get 🙂

Also I am currently in GA visiting my crazy family, so here’s the deal.  As soon as I am back in my own digs and this voting craziness is over, I will get back to posting. With the dog blog Mondays and everything.  You’re so welcome.


Super Pooper Extraordinaire!

Being that I have worked in two different zoos, I find it somewhat disconcerting that this little goo’s diaper pail…

is smelling more and more like the small mammal rooms.  I have refrained from provided pictorial proof (just barely) but let me assure you his poops are looking more and more like big kid poops.  boo for growing up.

He is almost 7 months, which seems impossible.  Here he is at the park, his first time in a swing, making his fat kid face:



Is it offensive that one of my nicknames for Sebastian might be Booger T. Washington?

Yes or no?

Gandhi McPoopy Pants? Rosa Parks it in my Crib? Billy Graham Cracker?  Paul McFartyKnees? Malcolm X-tremely Cute?

The wisdom of future summer

How I wish this afternoon had gone:

Self:  It would be a great idea to bounce Sebastian around on my shoulders for a while!

Future Self:  Except then he might spit up aaaaaaaaaaaaall over your head.

Self:  Good point.  Thanks, future self.

oh, I’m sorry, are you still here?

Sebastian is officially 1/2 year old.  Everyone always says that the time flies, and I know it’s super(!) cliche but I don’t think I ever understood how serious they were.  It might be the constant sleep deprived haze I’m in, but I’m all, didn’t I just bring you home from the hospital yesterday?  and why don’t you still look like this, all wrinkly and not fitting into your skin yet:

And how could I possibly have kept you alive this long; I have no idea what I’m doing!

Yet somehow (miraculously!)  that knobby little tadpole has turned into this full fledged goofy baby:

(pretty sure the caption that should go with this photo is “tiiiimbeeeeeeeeer!”)

He’s working on sitting up, but is still super wobbly.  Pat and I have invented a drinking game called “timber” where you guess how long and to which side he will fall over.  Admit it, you want to come to our house.

He’s started eating cereal, and just about anything else he can get his hands on, including (but not limited to!) handfuls of dog hair as he is able to snatch them from poor beau.

and that’s the story of my life, oh and check back monday, its a really good dog blog.

By popular demand

So I realized that I promised pictures of Sebastian in his Easter best and have yet to fulfill that promise, and as one commenter so aptly put it, “not that beer reminds me of Sebastian or anything, but please post pics of him in his Easter outfit!!!!”

Which is good, since beer had noooooothing to do with Sebastian’s conception…  …  …at all.

This is the suit that Patrick wore when he was a baby, and under the coat…  it has… wait for it..  wait for it..  suspenders. yeah, it’s pretty pimp.

Here he is on the couch Patrick’s great grandfather built, which we have aptly named the “porno couch”  Pretty sure that’s not what his great grandfather was going for.

and, oh yeah, suspenders

Dog Blog 1972

This is why I want a holga:

Pretty sure this would be my life if Sebastian were born in 1972.  This is digital but it feels a little contrived.  I want a holga so I can get the real deal.

ps – jellybeans may have been involved in the making of this shot