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Dog Blog Monday #317

Since (which I pronounce “cents,” which is, apparently, wrong) I forgot it was Monday last week until, oh, I don’t know Wednesday or so, I am presenting a special dog blog three way!  (three photos that is… … wow.)

A friend sent me these adorable sock creatures for Sebastian and he loves them.  Turns out frog eyes are really good teethers.

If you love them, as I do, get your own here.  But they won’t be as cool as mine because your dog won’t wear them.

ps I don’t know who is more humiliated here, Beau or the frog…


Downward Facing Dog

I’m not quite sure this qualifies as yoga, but he does look very stoic…

ps – notice the high chair in the background!!

Dog Blog!

While I don’t know the exact details, I think it’ safe to say, he is going to wake up with one hell of a hangover.

PS – while those crookedy little bottom teeth may seem like an evolutionary dead end, I can tell you exactly what function they serve.  He uses them to pick out all the seams with surgical accuracy from any stuffed toy we give him in .053 seconds.  RIP every stuffed toy we have ever brought into our house.  Will prove damn useful during the stuffed animal zombie apocalypse of 2020 though.

Dog Blog Monday

behold, the rare dog a saurus rex

Dog Blog Monday

This is my goggy and I less than three him.

also I should maybe clip his nails.

Dog Blog Oldy but Goody

Obviously this was taken last spring.  still.  too humiliating not to post.

Dear Beau,

I would respect you more if you looked like less of a mongloid.

xoxo – me

fit for life.

Guess what momma found in a corner? no, not my sanity. or my pre-pregnancy bikini.  I found a pair of the ginormous underwear the hospital gave me after Sebastian.

now a kinder person would perhaps have donated them to a large impoverished woman…  or perhaps I could have used my expensive art degree to fashion a beautiful Christmas stocking, maybe embroider some hollies on that shit…

but would I do that and deprive the internets of my dogs humiliation?  yet again?  No, no I would not do that.

happy 2010.  enjoy.