By popular demand

So I realized that I promised pictures of Sebastian in his Easter best and have yet to fulfill that promise, and as one commenter so aptly put it, “not that beer reminds me of Sebastian or anything, but please post pics of him in his Easter outfit!!!!”

Which is good, since beer had noooooothing to do with Sebastian’s conception…  …  …at all.

This is the suit that Patrick wore when he was a baby, and under the coat…  it has… wait for it..  wait for it..  suspenders. yeah, it’s pretty pimp.

Here he is on the couch Patrick’s great grandfather built, which we have aptly named the “porno couch”  Pretty sure that’s not what his great grandfather was going for.

and, oh yeah, suspenders


2 responses to “By popular demand

  1. i love that seat. it photographs so well too! next, can you post pics of baby PAT in that suit? maybe a little easter suit-off? too cuuuute w/ the suspenders!

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