Dog Blog 1972

This is why I want a holga:

Pretty sure this would be my life if Sebastian were born in 1972.  This is digital but it feels a little contrived.  I want a holga so I can get the real deal.

ps – jellybeans may have been involved in the making of this shot


3 responses to “Dog Blog 1972

  1. have you seen the new diana mini??? sooo cute AND it shoots square on 35mm film!

  2. yes and yes! I saw it at the Art Institute but of course they were selling it for like one million dollars. Maybe I will order one off amazon or from b&h…

  3. you can get the diana mini AND flash for like, $105 online at urban…so much for a stupid plastic camera and stupid plastic flash which with the mini i hear is a must in low light…or even regular light! it’s been getting really mixed reviews but i still want one…

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