You can’t get me down

so I managed to enjoy this beautiful day despite the following events:

1. While pulling in to the forest preserve, my front tire decides to go completely flat for some reason, likely voodoo.

2. As I am getting out the baby/stroller/baby paraphernalia, Beau decides that I have most likely forgotten about him and proceeds to jump out the window, and run around the forest preserve like a crazy person.

3.Turns out the spare I had in my car, is not the spare that belongs to my car, and it would be, oh, too much to hope that it might fit.  I also have to pay a guy $60 to tell me that no, no it does not fit.

4. I cram into the back seat of a pt cruiser with me, Sebastian, and Beau.  Picture that me, the baby seat, Beau.  My camera, camera case, diaper bag and mother-in-laws purse are all at my feet.  At this point it is pretty much inevitable that Beau will decide his seat is dangerous and he must crunch himself past the baby seat, and also down by my feet.

5. Last, but by no means least, the tire place informs me that I really need to replace all my tires, because  what else could I do with that extra $300 dollars?

I managed to pull it all together and stay happy because of these things:

1.  Sebastian and his cousins, who are adorable:

2.  This dog who mostly I love when I don’t want to throw him on a porcupine (also it kind of looks like he’s about to eat the little one.  bonus! :

3. This boy who makes my life infinitely better just by existing:

4.  Baby sunglasses!  No, no, seriously, baby sun-fucking-shades!


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