Zoo Date

Tomorrow me and Sebastian have a zoo date with his 4 cousins.  We are super excited!  I will post photos!

Things have been really crazy around here.  The other day Ash was with a babysitter and starting throwing up (not spit up) and dry heaving.  The saddest thing was that when he was heaving, he was obviously not happy, but as soon as it was done, he would look at me and smile.  It was heartbreaking.  I called the Dr. and they finally called me back (after a grueling hour of waiting!) and told me just to keep an eye on him and keep him hydrated.  We are thinking it was probably just an allergy to the milk based formula she fed him, so not that big of a deal, but really not fun nonetheless.  Except for the Pedialyte and Bourbon shots me and Pat were doing.  Because those on the other hand – super fun!


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