Happy Camper

Sebastian has been officially 4 months old for several days now, and I never want it to end.

This is him wearing his favorite onesie.  His aunt got it for him, it says:  Sorry Bitches, I only date models.

so true.  so true.

Although at this angle I might be lying.  It might say, Sorry twitches, I only date yodels.  You’ll just never know.

So what is my favorite miniature person up to these days?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  He has started smiling and laughing all the time now, which pretty much melts my heart and makes his daddy want to buy him things.  (point accomplished, I’m sure, devious little one)  He especially loves getting undressed, everytime I get his little arms out of his sleeves he giggles and giggles.

Is this not the best smile in the world?  (his, not mine) I showed this photo to my mom and she was all, Wow your teeth are white, and I’m all, wow, have you never heard of photoshop? shhh…

(Also, sorry my boob is super awkward in this photo.  I wasn’t going to mention it, but it’s all right there being squished and weird looking and his smile was just too cute not to use this photo, and then you were all going to be like, wow, her one boob is super awkward, I wonder if she knows.  So guess what, I KNOW! it looks super weird.  I’m sorry, just look away.)

…and moving on…

He gives us some pretty good sleep at night, usually 5 hours at a time, knock on wood.  And then he sleeps in.  Case in point:  I am writing this at 9:30am–he woke up to eat at 5:30 and has been sleeping since.  Although sometimes I don’t accomplish anything because I love watching him sleep/wake up.  He is the groggiest little waker upper ever.  It’s pretty adorable.  He arches his back and the arms go over the head then he turns from side to side to side for about 3 minutes trying to wake up.  I ❤ it.

Also, one day he may need therapy because every time he wakes up, his mom is right there staring at him like a creeper.

He is also a conspicuous user of Apple products.

Mom, Dad, why can’t I have my own iPhone?  And when can I get the iPad?  and can we discuss my needs for a Macbook Pro? kthxbai!

Quick stats – boy is up to 15lbs 8 oz – almost double his birth weight… is babbling all the time, he especially loves to make a guttural kkkkkkk sound.  I’m not sure if he learned growling from the dog, is super cranky or is learning to speak Klingon.  (speaking of which, he needs one of these).  He chews on everything he can get his hands on and may be teething.  If not, then holy hell, there was a lot of unexplained screaming yesterday.  Ummm… so thats pretty much our status update for 4 months.  No crawling or sitting or rolling over – although he does play a mean stand up bass.  not to brag, just… you know.

So I  know everyone is in love with their own child, but seriously, I never thought I could be so obsessed with someone who does so little.  I’m all, did you see the way he just moved his foot?  I’m pretty sure he’s trying to tell us something.  Isn’t that adorable, right? right?  No other baby in the history of the world has ever moved his foot so adorably! Basically I’m a mom, and I’m already planning out birthday parties, and presents and trips to disney.  I want to give him everything, everything in the world, and it breaks my heart to be away from him even for a minute.

This is 4 months and I never want to forget.


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  1. I really, really love you guys.

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