A typical Valentines Day

This morning before hubby left for work –

Me, in bed: Will you make me toaster waffles?

P: I was going to make you breakfast in bed but I didn’t want to wake you up.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

Me: No, it’s the food that counts.  It’s always the food.

P: Oh, I thought it was the thought.

Me:  We’ve been married three and a half years, how can you not know how much I love food!  Food is my hot, hot sex.

P: I wish I was your hot, hot sex.

Me:  Yeah, me too.

P: Fuck you , bitch!

Me: You can’t call me a bitch on Valentines day!

P: Bitch, bitch bo bitch, banana fana fo fitch, me mi mo mitch… beeeeyatch.

We are super mature.  Happy Valentines day from me and my little family, whom I love very, very much, even though one of them calls me a bitch!

(and it’s clearly not this one!)


One response to “A typical Valentines Day

  1. best valentines day story ever. pat is so funny. oops, don’t tell him i said that.

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