Baby cussin’

So every so often, Sebastian will get really mad because you know, life is tragic, and he can’t stick his hands in his dirty diaper or lick the dogs eyeballs or whatever exciting thing he wants to do that I so meanly keep him from.  And so instead of crying, his little eyes will narrow and he’ll make a half grunty, meh sound.  My cousin calls it baby cussing and little Ash is proficient.  Are we surprised?  With me and Patrick for parents?  Oh, hells no!

Also, I obviously don’t want him to be sick but I do kind of like it when he coughs.  He prepares for each cough by opening his mouth really wide and sticking his tongue out before making the fakest sounding cough you ever have heard.  i lol every time.

dramatic baby, i love you.


3 responses to “Baby cussin’

  1. well, if there were any doubts about you bringing home the right baby, this pretty much confirms sans dna testing that he’s yours! soo cute! i love his face!

    p.s. i almost wanted to link your blog under the title ” former slutface turned mom” but refrained. 🙂

    p.p.s. the comments are working now, i think you have to click on where it says “0 comments” because, you know, my blog is popular and everyone wants to talk about it.

  2. haha you totally should, for the sake of accuracy you know

  3. that’s funny, the preparation for the coughing, babies are hilarious

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