Not your mother’s nappies

I’m not sure how my parents named me Summer and didn’t expect me to be somewhat of a flower child.  And I am a part time hippy, at least in that I try not to wear a bra whenever I can get away with it, and I flirt with being a veggie when I’m not shoveling fistfuls of bacon in my face.  I don’t ask too much from life – just to change the world for the better…and one day be declared, along with my cat, supreme ruler presiding over a world in which hunger, war, and American Idol no longer exist. Oh, and for more bacon.  So I got this super expensive art degree and tried to work for a non-profit company.  A six figure income wouldn’t have hurt either.  Shockingly, none of this came to fruition.  World unchanged, paycheck, sadly lacking digits.  I mean, I have a fucking art degree, who could have seen that coming? Right?

Then I got knocked up and all of a sudden I had to do more than recycling cans and occasionally buying organic local arugula to ease my guilt about being middle class, white, and rocking living in the suburbs.  I was bringing a child into this world, an American child, and all the resources he would consume made my head spin.  I heard that each child raised in disposable diapers contributes one ton of waste (non-biodregadable) to landfills.  So I started looking into cloth diapers and somehow my line in the sand was drawn at disposable diapers. Oh, I’m sorry, it bothers you that I eat foie gras out of styrofoam containers which I throw out the window of my SUV while I’m idling down your street?  But I diaper in cloth, bitches!  How I got from changing the world to cloth diapers, I am not quite sure, but the two are kind of linked in my head now.  So here is the result of my hard work, and I’m not gonna lie, I think he looks, oh, adorable.  The only downside (beside the extra laundry) is that the diapers are so bulky they kind of give him old man pooch in the front.  Whatevs – how is this not the cutest thing ever?

He is modeling the Bum Genius 3.0 brand (on top) and Gro Baby (bottom) haha, get it, bottom?  Because it’s on his bottom…  facepalm.  I like both, the bum genius seem to be better at wicking the moisture away from him, so we use those for overnight.  The gro baby are really convenient because if it is just wet you can snap out the inner and reuse the cover.  Also the colors are cute.  We are still working out some kinks with the gro baby ones leaking but I think we are figuring it out.  This is me patting myself on the back because even if my plans for world domination fail I can always look back on his giant cloth diapered bum and smile.


4 responses to “Not your mother’s nappies

  1. your baby is soooo cute!

  2. Thanks! You are so sweet! I think he looks a little like a sumo wrestler in the first one

  3. I love this post! I too am a part-time veggie who consumes no meat…unless someone else makes it and I’m hungry. Seriously though, My goal is to be 100% veggie by 2011.

  4. I want to meet Sebastian!!! So fricken adorable. Those faces are AWESOME btw.

    facepalm…love it.

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