Dear President Obama

So my 7 year old brothers class wrote letters to Obama.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have thought of anything better.

“If I were president, I would be a 3rd grader. I would make everything free because it costs to much. I wouln’t let people smoke and I would make sure there are no robbers because it’s not nice or good. I would make coke fountains.

I would let kids play frogger for 30 minutes so thier eyes won’t get bloodshot too much. I would let cats go to cat school because cats aren’t as smart as dogs and I like cats. I would only let adults drive kids because it’s not safe. I would make people invent 1 thing.

I would make sure kids slept for 10 hours because they’ll be ready for school. I would make school’s food free because it costs too much and we need food to survive. I would make every one an american person so they could be part of the country. I would let people have a 1,000 foot deep pool so they could swim better.”

I especially like that he’s trying to give cats a leg up.  If you’ve ever wondered why I’m obsessed with my brothers, case in point.


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