Dog Blog Monday-a Goggie Saga

A friend told us that after their baby was born, they totally stopped caring about their pets.  Granted, I get a little (a little) obsessive about my animals, but I wondered if things would change after Mr. Man’s arrival.  Truth is, seeing the animals with the baby, I love all three of them a little more.

When I was growing up, I would beg and beg and beg for pets – as a result I owned multiple hamsters, fish, rats, and gerbils, a bird, a turtle, a chinchilla, two cats and twice, I got the grand prize:  a dog.  How did we work our way through so many pets?  My parents were bad at resisting my pleas, but also bad at keeping animals.  The first dog we ever got was a miniature collie named Lady, (hence my porn name Lady Grayfriar)

I know you are super jealous of our linoleum

We kept her for about a year and then my parents got rid of her.  My brothers and I were heartbroken, and were able to convince my parents several years later to get a second dog…

” Oreo Cookies and Cream” or “Rio”

again, I flaunt the linoleum

We kept Rio for a while longer, about three years, but ultimately my parents got rid of her for pretty standard dog issues – shedding, digging up the yard.  Stuff that just kind of comes along with dog ownership.

Patrick’s family on the other hand, were much more responsible pet owners, and he grew up with a black lab, Sport, who they kept until he died (imagine that!) {until the dog died, not patrick, just to clarify}

Did anyone not have those Fisher Price roller skates?

Patrick and his sister and Sport.  This also looks like it could be a page out of Town and Country.

All that to say, being responsible pet owners has been a really big deal to me and Patrick, and it’s not always easy being the owner of a 16 year old cat who routinely finds things to pee on. (out of spite for his many humiliations on this site, no doubt).  So while we knew that unless Beau became outright aggressive (not likely from a dog who pees himself when the wind blows too hard) we would keep him, we didn’t anticipate how sweet he would be towards “his” baby.

and we are super excited for Sebastian to get the opportunity that I never did:  to grow up with a dog.  Because really, is there anything better than this?


5 responses to “Dog Blog Monday-a Goggie Saga

  1. awesome. i love it.

  2. That last picture is majorly messing with my sense of perspective. Is that his leg in the foreground?

  3. yes. leg. foreground.

  4. Love that last picture. “Because really, is there anything better than this?”

    Nope. 🙂

  5. sooo cuuute!

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