Dexterama Baby

You will never believe what happened the other day, and I am not even exaggerating, because would I do that?  It was the most amazing thing.  It was even more amazing than the time Patrick and I were watching Sex and the City (I mean, I was watching SATC alone because Patrick would never watch that show, he is far too manly…um..  sorry, honey!)  and Carrie and Aleksander Petrovsky were drinking out of the exact same Russian Tea Glasses that Patrick and I had just received as a wedding present.  Hard to top, I know.  Side note, but they look something like this, only silver:

SO you all know how I am obsessed with Dexter, right?  If not, (keep up!) see this post.  So there we were, watching the last episode of Dexter and we see this scene:

Dexter and Rita in moment of marital tension.  and a breadmaker (200!), apparently.  You may ask yourself what is so amazing about this?  Let’s zoom in on little baby Harrison in the high chair back there, right underneath Dexter’s chin:

And I look down at Sebastian sitting in my lap, and I am not even making this up folks, prepare for your world to be rocked:

I might be a complete dork, but I freaked out.  It wasn’t just like, oh, look, I think we have that same outfit hanging in the closet. Oh, no!  Sebastian was actually wearing the exact same outfit at the exact same time as Dexter’s baby!

Coincidence?  Or a sign that he should be in show biz?  Because then I could be one of those creepy moms that’s all, what, I’m not living through my childrenI’m doing this for him!  Look, he loves it!  Sebastian, look more like you love it, dammit! and I could live in LA and snort coke off of my child’s academy award… it could be super!


One response to “Dexterama Baby

  1. no joke, i literally lol’ed.

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