Addendum to Dogs you should Adopt

This is kind of cheating on Dog Blog Mondays because it’s not really my favorite dog, but this little guy is super close

AAARGH, the cuteness!  When we adopted Bo, he was already 10 months, but I’m guessing this is pretty close to what he looked like as a puppy.  And you all already know I have the best dog of ever, so if you are in the market, I would guess you can’t go wrong with this little beauty.  He’s about 4 months old, labeled a hound mix (read lazy) and in Plainfield Animal Control for adoption.

If you want to adopt him, follow this link. Just make sure you let me know, and send me photos!

In the meantime, follow the link and enjoy the video of this sweet boy.  Seeing him in the video, my guess is he is going to have a very similar personality to Bo’s and let’s be honest, it doesn’t get better than that (in my unbiased opinion)


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