Chicago Marathon 2009

So I feel like I ran a marathon and, let’s be honest, I’m not running anywhere in a hurry these days (except for maybe krispy kreme)…

But this Sunday was the 2009 Chicago Marathon and I went to support my sister (which as someone who grew up with 5 brothers, and then married into two sisters, you have no idea how excited I am to say that, my sister…)

And ok, I’m all for physical fitness, I mean I routinely benchpress the remote control from my throne on the couch, but you have to be a certain kind of crazy to run 26.2 miles without even being chased.

And then when you are at the starting point of already a little crazy, why not just add in some awkward and uncomfortable costumes?  Because there is nothing better than itchy polyester when you are doing something mildly strenuous, oh like say, running 26.2 miles.

So without further ado, my favorites of the crazy people at the race sunday:

Saving the world from people who test the physical limits of their body while wearing polyester

#10 – This just has to suck.  You want to stand out at the race, maybe make it on the news and you think to yourself, I know, I will wear a superhero costume.  Nobody else will be wearing that.  Guess what.  Wrong.  Superhero costumes seemed to be the marathon crazy of choice.  And yet it still fails so hard.  Also, notice the sweat stains around his facemask.  That is probably gonna leave a rash.

#9 Pumpkin Girl – this girl wouldn’t get me down so much, I mean she is wearing appropriate running pants, if it weren’t for the pompom.  That just has to be no fun, running while holding pompoms.  Also, she looks a little bit like death, especially in contrast to the 80’s aerobic-rific girl running next to her.  Overall, probably one of the more comfortable costumes…but those damn pompoms…

#8 that guy – I don’t really know what this costume is, besides possible douche, but you can tell he’s not really pushing himself too hard.  Maybe it has something to do with the hair – I keep going back on forth on whether that is his real hair or not.  If it is, then I might have placed him above #8… if not, kudus to him because that wig has got to itch.

#7 – Mario – I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this diminutive plumber, however the absence of the large white gloves leaves this exhausted looking fellow out of the top 5.

#6 – ok, kind of cheating because he didn’t really run the marathon, but look how preshkis my hubby looks.  Also a little haggard.  I have warned him repeatedly not to wear those glasses and that hat together, but does he listen to me?  The correct answer is no, no he does not.

#5 – Please ignore the person in the foreground that is in focus, because this post is clearly not about him.  I have to admit, running as a keg, pretty awesome.  Although that hat, kind of a torture device.  I can’t imagine running further than from the couch to the bathroom, but if I could, having an elastic strap under my chin would make me want to hurt things.

#4 – My nine months pregnant self looking like a homeless person in Chinatown.  I’m pretty sure walking around the city to get to the different viewing points is the 9 months pregnant equivalent of actually running the marathon.

#3 Dr. Suessical – so even I have to admit, this is pretty adorable.  Although the person in the middle clearly did not put forth the same amount of commitment that the other two did.  But overall, good costume choice.

#2 B-A-N-A…N-A..N-A…DAMN, to many na’s!  I don’t know why but I am a little bit obsessed with the banana man.  Although, surprisingly, there were several people in this costume, it still made me smile every time it passed.  Also, observe that look of sheer determination on his face.  This is one banana that is going to make it to the finish line.


#1 is of course the crazy people I was there to support, my sister and cousin!  I am super proud of them and they are my heroes because I could never run a marathon.  At least not without one of those muppet monsters chasing me the whole way.  And maybe a donut on a stick in front of me for good measure.


2 responses to “Chicago Marathon 2009

  1. #2 the banana man is my Uncle Rob. This was his 4th time completing the Chicago Marathon. He did not tell anyone he was going to wear this costume, but in his true form he wanted to have fun with the event.

  2. Aww, that’s awesome! you should tell him he made it on my site, and I approve his choice of costume!!

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