This pregnancy has been approved by the President of these United States of America

Well we are officially moved in to the new place, so I guess that means I owe you a belly shot.  Not just any belly shot.  An inspirational belly shot.  of my belly.  at 34 weeks.

Oh, the baby’s name is Sebastian.  98.6% sure.  Falcor is still a contender, but we’re leaning toward Sebastian.

So this is the time period where I use the math skills I learned in Kindergarten (ie, the only ones I remember) and start subtracting.  Sooo…

40-34=OMFG way too soon.

Also, I know this is different for most people, but for me the first and second trimesters were pretty blah, and this third one has just been excellent.

No thanks to the dear hub, with whom this conversation actually happened the other day:

P: “You know what I think is my favorite part about you being pregnant?”

and I thought maybe he was going to say something sweet and endearing about being the mother of his children, or how he is super attracted to back rolls, and so I was all naively, “What, honey?”

P: “All of your various physical disabilities.”

Direct quote.  Thanks.

And then he proceeded to drop a bag of donettes at my feet and watch me have an aneurism straining to bend over.  So I might be huge and have difficulty doing normal person things, like taking off skinny jeans without assistance, or you know, getting out of chairs, or sleeping… but all in all, not bad.

Every so often some dear sweet lady will tell me how she just loved every minute of being pregnant, what a special time it was, how rays of light shone out of her hoo haa, and then she will get a wistful look in her eye and normally I want to be like, Really?!? really? you enjoyed having to pee like a racehorse at all hours of the night?  and the leg cramps, and the sleepless nights while everyone is telling you, “catch up on your sleep while you can…because after the baby comes…” and you want to punch them in the F-ing face because clearly I’m not sleeping well by choice.  Really.

But I kind of maybe just a teeny bit get it right now because this part, not so bad.  Probably it’s that quiet little moment before the storm, but for now, I’m happy.

and soon I will have a passable beautiful baby boy.  or possibly a toaster.

and in the 32nd week of pregnancy it was revealed to me...

and in the 32nd week of pregnancy it was revealed to me...


One response to “This pregnancy has been approved by the President of these United States of America

  1. Pat is really down with the romance-talkin’. Niiice.


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