Dexter-ama Mama

Ok so, 25 weeks pregnant and the first episode of Dexter – this is a special blog 2-parter.  Ready, ok!

I like to help Dexter make the world a little safer for my 25 week old baby

I like to help Dexter make the world a little bit safer (for my 25 week belly)

The Dexter Part

*Warning – Spoilers! If you have not seen the first episode of season 4, go find it online and watch it!

For the rest of us, how great is it that we don’t have to wait until Sept 27 to watch the first episode? Soooo great!!1!

I heart Dexter Morgan.  I actually wanted to name this baby Dexter, not after the character per se because that would be pretty creepy, but I just really, really liked the name.  I used to have a fish named Dexter Domino… before the showtime series.  And Dex, aside from being a phonebook company whose telemarketers harass me every day at work, is a super cute nickname.  Recently I discovered that even my Grandma watches Dexter, which kind of skeeved me out at first, because aren’t grandmas supposed to be watching Walker Texas Ranger, and Murder She Wrote, and Amor Prohibidos?  Maybe the weirdness runs in our family.  So anyways, have you gotten the theme of this paragraph?  I heart Dexter.

Except, ok and I hate to bitch because I have been looking forward to Dexter for like, oh I don’t know, ever… but I have some issues with the first episode.  First off, they brought back Special Agent Lundy which can only mean one thing – he is going to figure Dexter out.  I think what they are going to do is have him figure it out, but ignore it so he can continue to use Dexter to find the Trinity Killer…  but come on, isn’t that a little played out?  And Dex can’t kill him like Ramon because he’s a “good guy.”  Unless they reveal that he isn’t, but that would be pretty much season 3 all over again.  SO point being – NOT excited to see this guy again:

Special Agent Lundy

Special Agent Lundy

Also, the whole opening sequence with the baby mess, cutesy, but is Dexter supposed to be cutesy?  We get it, he’s exhausted.  And I want to like Rita and all, but doesn’t it seem she’s being a little demanding?  Of course I reserve the right to change my story when I pop out this baby and I’m all “Patrick, go breast feed the baby, I’m too tired… what do you mean you can’t? more like won’t! Why do you hate me and want me to die??”  And also, how did she know the baby had an ear infection unless she went to the Dr?  And if she did, didn’t said Dr. prescribe baby aspirin?  and if said Dr. did, why didn’t she just stop by a pharmacy on her way home and get it her fucking self?  right? right?

Although two things I like – #1 I’m glad Dexter got to kill in the first episode.  I thought they were going to drag that out for a while.  Good for him.  #2 The. Trinity. Killer.  has all the makings of an epic serial killer, hopefully good enough to rival the Ice Truck Killer.  Because let’s be honest, the last two seasons, the killers, kind of boring.  Like “The Skinner…” were they even trying?  Where’s the pizzazz?  And John Lithgow, super creepy and a brilliant actor.  I have high hopes for this season’s killer – they better keep his storyline through the whole season.  I’m Summer B. and I approve this actor:

John Lithgow is the Trinity Killer

John Lithgow is the Trinity Killer

Lastly though, if Dexter still has body parts in his trunk when his car flipped, I am not going to be okay with it.  There is just no where good that can go from the first episode.  boo.

The Pregnant Part

At 25 weeks, people finally can really tell that I’m pregnant.  Here I am on my way to Apple Camp to eat all the ipods.

The real joy of being 25 weeks pregnant is you get to be tested for gestational diabetes!  For me the worst part was hearing that I could not eat from midnight the previous night until after the test.  Try telling a pregnant women she can’t eat.  Seriously, try it.  I dare you.  grrr…

Also I was told many horror stories about this seemingly innocuous little beverage:

mmm... glucose

mmm... glucose

Heres the deal – it really wasn’t that bad.  Kind of like flat orange pop.  Although maybe a little more syrup than usual.  The nurse handed it to me with a dixie cup, which I did not use.  What was it they used to sing about the old lady and the fly, “she opened her throat, and in walked a goat”  (perhaps she’ll die.)  That was pretty much my strategy.  And let’s be honest, I have had way worse things in my throat.  (Jager is where I was going with that, pervs)

But I passed!  I do not have gestational diabetes which means I’m still allowed all the sugar I want.  Bring on the cinnabons, bitches!


4 responses to “Dexter-ama Mama

  1. Weren’t you 20 weeks pregnant last week? Is there something you’re not telling me?

  2. haha – so i’m a little behind and trying to get us up to speed as quickly as possible… but… the next post – IN REAL TIME!!

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