A Vampyr Pregnancy

What is more boring than seeing preggers photos in front of a wall?  So I present for your viewing pleasure, weeks 16-18 in a “A Vampyr Pregnancy.”  Is that Robert Pattinson?  It just may be kids, it just may be.

This is me 16 weeks pregnant in Forks, Washington.  This photo was taken literally seconds before Edward decided that I smell way better than Bella and left her for me.  We were all on a hiking trip and I had this new perfume…it smelled like blood… it’s kind of a long story.

14 weeks pregnant in Forks, Washington
16 weeks pregnant in Forks, Washington

Edward was all sparkles and “oh, I want to bite you, but I can’t, but I want to, but I can’t…” a little too much for my pregnancy hormones to deal with, so I hit the road to Bon Temps, Louisiana for a while.  Here I am hanging out with my good friend Eric.  He agrees that for a 17 week pregnant girl, I smell damn good.  Also, he let me be bouncer at his club, Fangtasia, for a little while.  Also, I would totally be Alexander Skarsgård’s.

17 weeks in Bon Temps
Oh, and lest you thought for one second I forgot my favorite vampire-ish crew, I then went to Sunnydale, CA.  Please pardon the baby bump in the photo, it kept getting in the way and Willow and was all, “Way to hog the spotlight, Summer’s baby.”  And then I kicked Andrew in the face because seriously, is anyone more annoying than him?

18 week belly in Sunnydale, CA

18 week belly in Sunnydale, CA

oh and just so you know:


4 responses to “A Vampyr Pregnancy

  1. Ha! You should have been at my birthday BBQ – we had a running joke about Twilight and Bella’s personal attractions being limited to scent in the absence of personality or knowable thoughts (it was funnier at the time). You, of course, have tons of personality so I doubt the arcane perfume is necessary.

  2. its a little scary how cool i think it would be to be a vampire, don’t worry though, i would make you

  3. AHAHA…that made my day. 🙂 BTW, Sookie and Bill are getting married! In real life, not on the show. 😦 Actually, I don’t know what’s going on on the show b/c I totally haven’t been watching this season….oops!

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