overheard at the zoo..

Sometimes working in schools and public parks such as zoos, you overhear things that make you go all, uh uh, she did not just say that. Below are some of these things:

Two kids walking up on a burro from behind:  “Look, here’s the kangaroos!”

Same kids, pointing at llamas:  “I found the giraffes!”

Mom, pointing to an Angus cattle:  “Look honey, this is where our hamburgers come from… and our steak.. and what else..  oh yeah, milk.. and bacon.”

Mom, pointing at fence in front of her 5 year old, “Do these animals ever just jump over this shit?”                                                                                                                                      Zookeeper:  “No.”                                                                                                                                            Mom:  “Well I’m scared they are gonna jump over this shit.”

Man to zookeeper:  “What time does the peacock display his feathers?”                                            zookeeper:  “He pretty much just does it whenever he wants.”                                                       man:  “No, it’s a certain time… I must have missed it.”

(this one I have already shared but it’s one of my favorites) Little boy, yelling at Mona Monkeys:  “You are from Africa and I am from planet EARTH!!”

…. and the moral of this story is, if you are going to go to the zoo and be ignant, maybe don’t talk so loud.


4 responses to “overheard at the zoo..

  1. That is Stinkin Hilarious!

  2. Yay, this is why I kept your blog in my bookmarks in hopes it would resurface some day. Also good luck with all the nasty pregancy stuff… at least you are still fun to listen to, even if it’s annoying to experience?

    My mom’s a big fan of assigning people to drink raspberry leaf tea but she can never get around to remembering to tell them until they’re practically done with the whole thing. Evidently it does nice relaxing things to your muscles or something? Anyway, I know nothing about such things so I’m just passing along random folk advice. Because my mother is so folksy.

  3. Or my personal fave from working at the zoo:

    Kid, pointing at large orange ball in orangutan exhibit: Mom, what is that?
    Mom: Um, it’s an orangutan egg. That’s what they hatch from.
    Kid: Oh, I thought maybe it was a ball for them to play with.
    Mom: Nope.

    Glad you’re back in the blogging world!

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