end of an era

this is not summer.

Summer is dead. she died valiantly while trying to save her family from a sinking ship. don’t come back to this website.

ok, really though, I’m done. in case you couldnt figure it out from the last post, I’ve hit rock bottom. get it, bottom? haha. feeble, i know. the thing is, our life is so transitional right now, and using the internet at panera, really not so inspiring. thanks for reading and loving me. if you miss the blog, pick up your f-ing phone and call me.


3 responses to “end of an era

  1. Well ya don’t have to be so melodramatic about it all. You’ve still got me after all.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO—-you can’t! this is the funniest blog i ever read.

  3. I second that, this is quite a comedic blog, you will be missed. *cries in corner* will you ever come back?

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