Taking Care of Business

Sadly, we still have not taken care of our lack of internet. Currently I am at Cafe Miaroma because I found out that Panera limits free wi-fi to 30 minutes between 10:30-1:30. Rude.

In other news, I am applying to be a vet tech part time and volunteering at the Chattanooga Zoo. All of a sudden I’m all about animals. Well… more so than usual I guess. Coco just got checked out by the vet, who says that for a 13 year old cat, he is in great shape. I asked him if he had a pill to make him never ever die, but he just kind of looked at me funny. What good are vets anyways?

Music and Movies and Books I have recently experienced:

Interpol – great new album. As my brother Jared says, it grows on you. You tell it to get off, but it just doesn’t listen. and it has pictures of animals on the album. are we starting to see a theme here?

Downtown Singapore – Don’t Let Your Guard Down – this one was 99 cents at the used book/music store that Patrick and I go to sometimes. I decided to browse the sale racks and bought like 16 dollar cds. It’s like Mae and Guns N’ Roses got together and made sweet sweet love and Downtown Singapore is the lovely love child. I feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much but oh well. I am what I am.

The Sass – Bleach Blonde – Again, 99 cents, and I’m so glad about that because umm… it kind of sucks. The lyrics are immature and whiny, the riffs are stolen directly from Weezer and the vocalist would probably deny to his dying day that he sounds like Chris Carabba…which doesnt negate the fact that he does. and so yeah. venom, hatred, vomit, all over this cd.

Ratatouille – I not only saw this movie with Patrick, I then went and took my brother to see it also. It is so good. Paul Giamatti does a good job as the voice of the main character, obviously a rat that wants to cook. Especially enjoyable is the voice of Peter O’Toole as heartless food critic Anton Ego. His little monologue towards the end of the movie, is full of truth about the relationship between critic and artist, the kind that kids might not understand until they are a little older. I would recommend this movie for kids or adults. Its a great time with the same quality that we have come to expect from Pixar.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. ugh. I can’t stop going to these movies even though they depress me. The actors playing the Weasley twins appear to be in their late twenties, although they are just 21, and are supposed to be what, 16, 17 in this movie? Dudley is horrible, and looks nothing like described in the book. Plus, they kill off the only good actor in this movie. (Well we all knew that was going to happen, but still.) I was very excited for all the dark scenes in Black’s house – imagine if this movie had been directed by Tim Burton! I was only half satisfied in that regard. The two bright points were Imelda Stanton as Dolores Umbridge – her little giggle is pure evil. and Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood. So funny, and apparently (at least according to IMBD) her first movie. Good for her!
Evanna Lynch
I am slightly disturbed at the bulging biceps that have suddenly appeared on Daniel Radcliffe. Perhaps he developed them for his recent part in a play by Peter Shaffer called Equus. The role is about a disturbed teen, who either falls in love with a horse, or has sex with a horse, or is sexually developing and horses just happen to be around… something like that, I was a little confused. Anyways, I read an article where his agent said maybe it will help people stop associating his age (19) with that of Harry (14 in Pheonix). I guess he’s following in good footsteps since Anthony Hopkins opened the same part in a 1973 version of Equus.

This is the Harry Potter you have grown to know and love…

Will Daniel Radcliffe be able to go on and transcend his role as Harry Potter? Personally, I doubt it. At least to me, he will always be like Elijah Wood, who I can never remember, and even now, just had to look up, because every subsequent thing he does is, “you know, that movie with Frodo…”

Patrick is stabbing me with icepicks through his eyes because he wants to do things that are more important than blogging about Harry Potter. Damn his eyes.


7 responses to “Taking Care of Business

  1. Don’t worry Pat – I think your eyes are positively dreamy

  2. Yay, aminals!

  3. look at those butt dimples! damn. sorry, i’m horny.

  4. vueno creo k esto es solo en ingles ja

  5. Eh, I finally found my way over here, and I get male butt dimples? Ugh. Anyway, yes, I too got a lot out of that commentary on being a critic/artist in Ratatouille. Good point.

  6. Bulging biceps? Sis, you need to get out more.

  7. How about that, John was here too. He should have warned me that I would have been mooned by the Potter.

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