In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”

In the last two years that I have lived in apartment complexes, I have always had free internet. I would probably be a better, if somewhat dumber, person if I believed that, hey, it’s a free service provided by my landlord, or if I thought it just magically worked without questioning the how, or why. However, I do know. I know that someone above or beside me is paying for wireless internet, and I am a pirate. arrrg. I try to be conscientious, I get on at wierd hours, I don’t download big files, if I notice that it is running slow, I get off and allow them unfettered access to downloading porn or whatever it is that they do with the internet they pay for. HOWEVER, in spite of my consideration, our internet providers have moved! How dare they, when we had this mutually beneficially relationship going on. So now I am at Panera. I am sitting here writing to explain in the middle of Panera.

Patrick and I were all set to write a review of Ocean’s 13 – which we totally saw, only so we could review it here. But alas, he is at work, and I promised to wait.
ocean's 13 picture
However, I can tell you that as I was falling asleep the other night, I came up with the title for his article: “Revenge is a dish best served Soderbergh.” Clever, right?

Since it may be a little while, I should also do my favorite part of the show: Things Zach says that make me love life a little bit more. I guess all the boys have been at Vacation Bible School this week, and Zachary came home on Monday and said
“Mom, what day is it?”
To which she replied, “Monday”
“Well, they were trying to trick us into thinking it was Sunday. They wanted us to worship Jesus!”

Oh, the indignity.

The next day he came home and said, “It says school but we aren’t learning anything!!”

Dear Zach, I love you. You are my hero. Love, Sissy.

sweet little Stephanie Tanner...

*On a side note, since I mentioned Stephanie Tanner, does anyone know what she is doing now? Ooh! Ooh! I do! I do! I was watching this ridiculous show called “Dance Off, Pants Off” where people strip on television when it hit me that the host was totally Stephanie Tanner. Now if that isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is.


3 responses to “In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”

  1. NO WAY!!! That show is both grotesque and deliciously entertaining all at once.

    p.s. Have you read any works by Tao Lin? I hate him because 1. He is asian and cooler than I am and 2. He got published less than a year after graduation. Anyway, his book Eeee Eee Eeee (spelling may be off!) is hilarious and reminds me of something YOU would write. Consider it. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. pps. Google around for the excerpt from his book where he explains what the title means! You and Pat would get a kick out of it I think!

    and I Love You.

  3. Oh, internet at Panera. I have totally done that for several months at a time. I love it when the employees look at me like I’m a total bum for hanging out there. Jerks.

    At least they sell good food & Jones Soda.

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