Zach again

I promise to post pictures tonight while Patrick is at work, in the meantime, I give you Zachary’s reaction.

Him: “Hey, Sis, your hair is different”
Me: “It is, what’s different about it?”

In pure amazement and awe: “It’s… golden.

Later in the night I called all the boys to go outside and play Ghost in the Graveyard and Grayson and Ben came running out of my dad’s weight room. I turned the light off and heard a tiny voice “Wait! Grayson, don’t leave me like this!”

Thinking that Zach was afraid of the dark, I turned the light back on and saw him struggling with his teeny little stick arms to lift an empty bar off his chest (probably weighed about 45 lbs.) That was a little terrifying, considering we could have all just left and Zachary himself probably does not weigh much more than 45 lbs. After I helped him, he said, “Grayson was making me lift it to prove how strong I am!”

zachy straining with his little muscles

Any kid that has this much trouble just supporting his own weight, should probably find diplomatic solutions to challenges to his strength.


2 responses to “Zach again


  2. I love Zachary too much.

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