¡Cats Attacks!

So today, I borrowed my dad’s cat. Patrick and I have fallen in love with a kitty at the local shelter but before adopting we wanted to get a feel for how my old man cat would react. We have had cats on the porch and Coco is always so excited to go to the screen and exchange kitty nose kisses. so adorable, right? And I mean, nobody is pointing fingers here, but he’s not exactly going to be featured in the swimsuit issue of Cat Fancy. So having a younger, friskier cat could only lead to good things.

So anyways, we thought Schmee would be the perfect candidate. He’s friendly, inquisitive, and in case things went badly, also declawed. But I mean, how bad could it go, the cat gets along with my dad’s gianormous lab/viszla/weim mix. They’ve been known to frolic. Like together.

Wrong. turns out, little Schmee (or Schmee-sus) as Pat calls him, is a little spitfire. He would not stop hissing, spitting, and swatting at poor Coco. Coco just kind of sat there inching as close as possible without Schmee hissing and then staring at him. It was so sad. poor rejected coco.

Not that is was easy on Schmee, I’m sure. As for me, I’d forgotten that young cats jump. on everything. Coco has stopped jumping on anything higher than the windowsill, possibly due to his err.. fluffy backside. Schmee, though, Schmee was like a pinball, countertop, fridge, cabinet, couch. At one point I couldn’t find him until I noticed his little tail sticking out of the wall. Since we don’t have a dryer there is a hole in the wall with a dryer tube and Schmee was literally vertical, shimmying up the tube. That is how bad he wanted to get away from us people.

Here’s how it went down:

Schmee-sus, who normally looks like this.
schmee grey gray shorthair kitty

He’s all “Biatch. I be in your house. now how you gonna act?”

Coco watches so so forlornly sitting so so primly.
two kitties, coco sad

A close up of Coco reveals new details.
cat crying

As does a close up of Schmee.
Schmee the devil cat that will eat your soul

so. not ready for kids, maybe not ready for another pet either.

on the up side, I got new fish and not a single one has died in over a week.

Aaaaaand one last time,
schmee the devil cat

after the day he’s had, I think Coco deserves a night like this.


8 responses to “¡Cats Attacks!

  1. I feel so bad for Coco…poor thing. I found this: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/06//060613-cat-bear.html – this morning on Digg and thought of Schmee-sus. We love/miss you guys.

  2. Oh, the poor little baby…

    It must have been such a nightmare for him. I’ll bet he wants to run very far next time he gets an inkling that he’ll be anywhere near your place….

    That photo of the two of them broke me…

    Great post…..poosycats… oh, poosycats…

  3. another laugh out loud story. omg.

  4. i need a vacation like that too.

  5. Schmee is adorable! Until he hissed, anyway. Poor Coco, indeed. Reminds me of our upcoming dilemma when we move. My old cats will be meeting our ( my husband and I) siamese cat. I don’t know how will they take the competition.

  6. I could have told you that about cats. Do you not remember Jezebel from our junior year? She was the most schizo cat EVER and she hated all of us. Joel’s cat (her sister) was totally the best cat ever. It might have been also due to the fact that Jezebel was eating *mysterious* seeds off the livingroom floor….you might want to ask your dad about that!

  7. I missed this one the first time around. I am laughing so hard.

  8. [ps : you are tagged]

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