“Dogs I think you should adopt.” subtitle Please, Patrick, Pretty Please?

So as I was perusing Petfinder.com as I sometimes do, because, well, it’s amazing, I stumbled upon two dogs that ate my heart up for breakfast and left me with a crinkled smushy heart that does things I swore I never would, like oohs and aaahs over animals. If you hate animals, don’t read this post. If you are or might in the future think about adopting an animal, then please read this post.

First off, yes, I know it’s lame to regularly search the local shelters when I know I can’t adopt a dog right now. I know that, ok? So don’t bother telling me or judging me in your head. (I KNOW.)

So, disclaimers aside, I was searching for dalmatians in my area. Now I know that most people who know anything about dogs are going all red flaggy right now, and for the most part, I agree. After 101 dalmatians, the breed got all inbred and mongloidal and everyone started buying them only to discover, wow, this dog is a mongloid who routinely runs into my glass door and it doesn’t matter if I wear black or white, I will always have the other color hair on me. dammit.

But I had a dalmatian, and yes, she was highstrung and just a wee bit hyper, and yes I grew up with constant welts on my legs from her happy happy tail, but I still love the breed. When bred properly the dalmatian is a beautiful noble dog who is a great match for an outdoorsy type family. That being said, there is nothing worse than a dalmatian mutt. Like really, please don’t breed your dalmatian unless you are in a club and know all about trying to preserve/improve the breed. please. If you type in dalmatian on Petfinder, you may encounter these two dogs, who I’m sure are very sweet, and can’t help being ugly…but still.. still.

pitbull dalmatian mix dog.  fugly fugly poor little guyanother fugly little dal mix.  tragic.

(If you are particularly angelic and willing to overlook the dogs’ fugliness, or perhaps are on a mission to save fugly dogs, in which case I salute you, you can find more info here 1.) is named Pearl and can be found here 2.) is named Jesse and can be found here.

BUT, BUT occasionally from the ashes of almost certain fugliness, a phoenix arises. This dog, for me, is that phoenix:

beautiful dal mix.  pretty girl dalmatian mix.

I don’t think she’s really blue, although that may have contributed to my instant attraction to her. Her name is Sneaux, which I think is supposed to be pronounced Snow. It’s kind of like when people name their kids ASDLRN#@#%LKJ324 and say it’s pronounced Sarah. She is only 35lbs which is like half the size of a regular dal, and so much more manageable. I can’t adopt her, as much as I would like to, so if you live anywhere near Knoxville and want to give a forever home to a deserving dog, you can find out more information here and here.

Also, because everytime I go to Cosley Animal Farm I want to cuddle the foxes, I present this little beautyfinnish spitz mix.  fox dog
Her name is “Foxy Lady” (original, right?) and the only thing is that she probably shouldn’t be put with other dogs or cats. But I know someone out there wants an only pet that they have to lock up during fox hunting season. She is in Ohio and you can find out about her here.

Why do I think you should adopt these dogs? In short, 1. they are already adults, which means no surprises. No surprise! the cute puppy you bought turned into a 300lb mastiff that eats your children for breakfast. 2. No surprising behaviors, the shelter people can pretty much outline the dogs behavioral issues, so at least you know what you are getting into. 3. The warm mushy feeling you get knowing that you are rescuing an animal that otherwise might be put down. 4. No matter how much time and patience you think you have, you probably don’t have enough to deal with a puppy. So why not just let someone else deal with that stage and get a nice mellow dog? 5. because a lot of the puppies in shelters will not have a hard time getting adopted, most of the adult dogs will. 6. So many other reasons, but I can sum up by saying this: 13 years ago, I got a shelter cat, and he makes me happier every single day.

And I will leave with this, which I found on Flickr (click the photo to go to this photostream) because really, really, I want to be that girl in the picture. Sitting on my perfect green couch, on a sunshiny day with my red dobe buddy.

ellen and levi

Originally uploaded by noahstone.


9 responses to ““Dogs I think you should adopt.” subtitle Please, Patrick, Pretty Please?

  1. The dalmation is cute, and the blue dog is ugly as sin. You have terrible taste in dogs.

    Here’s one for you: http://samugliestdog.com/

  2. Also, I noticed that you tagged this with “People whose lives I am jealous of” and yet have read it three times without finding mention of myself. I’m mystified. Let me know what happened.

  3. Love the dog that looks like he [she?] sat in paint. I cannot adopt a dog right now. Oh well.

  4. Confession: I surf Petfinder all the time too, and I can’t have a dog right now either. We are suckers, you and I…

  5. I guess everyone has their own taste in animals… which is kind of reassuring actually. My fugly dog is the love of someone elses life.
    oh and bethany, yes…we are suckers.

  6. Yeah for pimpin’ the pups! And putting in a plug for adult animals!

    Rawk on!

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  8. do you know what mix this dog is?? I have a 2-year-old girl that looks exactly like her and I’d love to know!!

  9. i used to have a dog that i miss more then anything in the world. just the thought of her makes me cry. She looked like a fox and a siberian tiger mated and had a black cross (as if she went to mass on ash wednesday) on her forehead. simular to the dog that looks like a fox in this post. i adopted gingger (yes spelt that way) from aspca and they had no idea what breed she was its been almost a decade and im still trying to figure it out for she was me embodied in an dog and i want to adopt another of her breed but obviously cant. Do you know what that dog in this post breed was? please email brittanynoel02@gmail.com PLEASE.

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