Wine, Birthday, and Zoo – a special blog 3-parter

You know you drink too much wine when…

Recently, Patrick won a contest at work for selling the most wine, not surpising considering the fact that Patrick considers a good wine the fourth part of the Trinity..or should I say the Quad-ity (rhymes with oddity) Naturally the prize was…

…a bottle of wine. But not just any bottle of wine, a Paul Bunyan size bottle of wine. This is actually a common sight in our home.

It may be a little hard to fully appreciate the bottle’s size in the picture above because Patrick himself is actually Paul Bunyan size.

This is the bottle next to a normal bottle
and again: Actually I know many girls can relate to this photo.

So we corked that puppy (with much grunting and a little friendly persuasion) and enjoyed it with some friends. And, I think it was really good. Or, as I prefer to say when tasting wine, “straight up tasty.” Normally I don’t like chardonnay, or any white wine for that matter. Although I occasionally enjoy a crisp chenin or sauvignon blanc; buttery, oaky chardonnay does not do it for me. This however, although oaked, still tasted so fresh and so clean, clean. Or so “straight up tasty.”

and then there is this picture which I think every newlywed should pay special attention to, as it holds the key to a successful marriage:
His and Hers
His and Hers bottles of wine. Absolutely necessary.

Although what you can’t see is that the “His” bottle is a really nice 2000 Bordeaux and the “Hers” bottle is a bottle of the Macaroni Grill Chianti. (Which is, btw, straight up tasty).

and I conclude with this:

because boys will be boys.

Forget Good Friday, the real holiday is Pat’s Birthday

For Patrick’s birthday, I dusted off every creative bone in my body and surprised him with these:

If you guessed that it is a dozen origami flowers, then you would be correct. And where did I get the idea to make this lovely bouquet? From Martha Stewart Living perhaps, or a cute and clever website about love and lovers and what to do when you love someone… Wrong. (or as my 7th grade English teacher used to say, “If this were a gameshow I would just go EEEENT!) Actually, my 8 year old brother taught me. The best part is at the end, you have this flat piece of paper and you have to blow it up to make the flower. He’s pretty cool, that kid.

Although the idea of sticking little pieces of paper in them with sweet messages, totally mine. and I colored the paper, all by myself. That is some fine detailing. Although, now he won’t take them apart to get the messages.

I also bought him this:
which we are both very much enjoying. (Especially the song Heigh-Ho which is made all the more enjoyable because of the frivilous lawsuit the song has brought about. hear that…SCREW YOU DISNEY!)

The really nice (read expensive) bottle of Bordeaux was part of the present too, but I thought it belonged in the section above.

Like they do on the Discovery Channel

We took the boys to the Chattanooga Zoo! It was cold, yes, but at least the animals were active. If you have ever seen cuter boys than these three, please don’t tell me because I will have to hunt them down and kill them, preferably with a pickaxe, but possibly with a piece of norwiegan smoked herring.

Here is Ben, seconds before he said, “No, let me tell you about Scientology” and we had to “forget” him in the cougar’s cage to prevent religious cross-contamination.

No, let me tell YOU about scientology

As we were going into the petting zoo part, Zachary(7) actually turned to me and said, “Uh, Sis, I’m gonna need a little more evidence that the African Pygmy goat isn’t going to hit me in the butt.” HaHa. a little more evidence. he cracks me up.
Moments before he attempted to secure that evidence and was gored through the heart:
moments before that african pygmy goat gored him through the heart

For more brother pics, you can see my flickr page.

Here is the endangered Red Panda that they are breeding.
red panda
And a camel with a train behind him.
camel with train
But I wanted to give you this thing (I forget what it is, so lets call it, oh, I don’t know, smooshums.)

yeeees, Patrick, a racoon and anteater exactly
and this – because he’s just a big kitty πŸ˜€

Not on my shoulders, indeed. and yes, Larry really does talk like that to a boy who is 7.

I tried to download the movie where we threw the youngest kid in there with him, but it says the url is broken?.. if anyone can help me with that I will put that one up too.

… aaaaaand I’m spent.


10 responses to “Wine, Birthday, and Zoo – a special blog 3-parter

  1. This was a good post. Good work for Pat, good presents from Summer, and good times at the zoo.
    Keep the videos coming – I love hearing your voices. It’s almost like living next door to you. Or something. πŸ™‚

  2. Need I say any more?

  3. ah, how i miss the good old days of concealed drinking (the pledge and your preggers self, of course) and my measure of good wine will forever be “straight up tasty” or not, thanks to you. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ah, I love a good photo blog.

    Interesting how everyone has their own palate. Pretty much the only white I can stand is a buttery, oaky chardy. Red, pretty much anything will do…

    Loved that bed photo! hehe. Oh, for a laptop…

    Hi, by the way, heh.

  5. Consider the ante…upped.

  6. larry = idiot

  7. Hola faretaste

  8. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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    My Name is, Paul
    lots of info on here
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