top five films of 2006

hi. my name is patrick. i am a guest blogger but summer wanted me to share my top 5 list with all of her faithful readers. enjoy. feedback welcome.

number five.
the departed
scorsese’s best since goodfellas and maybe even before that. brilliant direction resulting in very profound character studies. this film breathes life into a genre that has become very lost in its own convention.

number four.
a prairie home companion
robert altman and garrison keillor… a match made in heaven. altman’s grace and patience with keillor’s hilarious and delicate screenplay about the final show of his own radio program makes this film one not to miss.

number three.
children of men
the desperation and hopelessness is gripping at the beginning, then cuarón harnessess that energy and emotion into something quite riveting and beautiful.

number two
little miss sunshine
cute, tragic, hopeful, devastating, and very funny. jonathan dayton and valerie faris do an utterly brilliant job directing their debut feature film (previously known for the smashing pumpkins music videos “1979” and “tonite tonite” among others.) ultimately the beauty in this film is in the family, honest, authentic, relatable and very very human.

and finally (thanks for sticking with me)
number one
pan’s labyrinth or el laberinto del fauno
never before have i seen a film flow between such tragic devastating realism and such beautiful, whimsical fantasy with the utter elegance of this masterpiece by guillermo del toro. this film will linger in your mind for days after viewing.


7 responses to “top five films of 2006

  1. I’ve only seen two of those, but I don’t think either of the 3 I haven’t seen (children of men, pan’s labyrinth, prairie home) will beat The Departed. My top movie of 2006 so far.

    I’ve had Prairie Home Companion at home for a while now… this review has got me interested in watching it sooner rather than later. Thanks.


  2. i have to agree with pan´s labyrinth. great movie!

  3. SUMMER!!!!!!! Miss you! I love your site.

  4. Patrick –
    What, no “The Nativity Story”? That was my favorite, hands down. Except I didn’t see it. Intentionally. Whatever – I did see Pan’s Labyrinth and thought it was very good, but I’m still scared of that monster with the eyes in its hands.

  5. As an ex-film critic, I pretty much have to agree with your choices. Although I still haven’t got around to seeing Pan’s Labyrinth as yet, my husband thought it was the best thing since sliced Guiness…. actually you pretty much both used exactly the same adjectives…

  6. Dear Guest Blogger. I love you.


  7. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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