HBO’s missing link

Dear David Milch, creator of Deadwood,

I think I know why HBO cancelled your show. Despite the fact that it’s AWESOME, it’s clearly missing something.

I think, looking at the picture, I know what that something is…


I am available to start work on Deadwood Season 4 whenever HBO re-signs you. I have attached this promo poster to convince them to put Deadwood back on air. I know it will sell lots of copies. Feel free to use it for promo.


12 responses to “HBO’s missing link

  1. That is very funny.

    Thanks for the smile.

  2. I would totally hire you.

  3. AHAHAHAHA! love it.

  4. Only the good (shows) die young. First Drawn Together, now this.

    PS – I love the way you photoshopped yourself into that pic. You picked just the right image for the job. It had to be at least 5 minutes before I noticed what was different between the first and the second pic. Brava.

  5. damn i thought you were the retarded lady

  6. Wow – you’ll look pretty damned awesome in a whore get-up!

  7. I get really sick & tired of the studioes bringing a great film to air and then pull it only after many people have been watching it from day one, ot find that the studioes cancel it due to cost.

    All tv-series will cost money & rise as the show continues to air. but to not finish a show off to it intented finale episode in just bloody stupied.
    may of as have brought the dvd now in the mids of it all are left hanging w/ no end.

    I for one have had enough of all this & dont bother to get hoocked any more.
    I log the tv-show i wish to view & then when it has finished all the seasions completley 7 then hire them & watch it all in a few weeks.
    this way i get the full story & still fresh in my mind.

    Bugger off to all you HBO & others that cancle a show due to cost

  8. Very Funny, I hope they would have kept the deadwood active, it was an amazing show.

  9. I have an amazingly huge crank.

  10. Loopy Fukin Cunt.

    – Al.

  11. I love the show! I would do anything to see a season 4. You are very cute…you’d be the hottest whore on the deadwood, no offense to Kim Dickens of course.

  12. This show was to real for the masses, they need a hero, but in Deadwood situation, you had to latch on to your own hero. When you expect the sheriff to clean up the town, he can’t, because he is real. My hero was the doctor, a far cry from playing Billy in One Flew Over The Coo Coo Nest, he did a great job as the Doc. If you want to see season four, read the history of Deadwood.

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