My Week in Photos

But first, now that I know the reason you really come here, more pictures of my cat, you know, to pacify the raging crowds.

This one is titled “Badunk-a-dunk”

It aslo accentuates the fact that my cat has the body of a skunk. He is so embarrassed right now.

Here he is, being all arty and cute.

I played with my brothers at the park. (eg, exploited them for photo ops)

This is his “I tried to ford the river, but my F-ing oxen drowned” face.

Movement (the one in the back looks like that most of the time)

I like this one because it is hard to tell where one brother ends and the other begins

You want me to do what?!

This is what the drive into our apartment looks like. Hooray for spring! Pat and I were so excited when all of these trees bloomed. Except they smell funny. Like really funny. Like something you may or may not have smelled before… (Sama, think wedding dress/wine…then feel free to share if you want, but I’m keeping silent, I talk about innapropriate things on this blog too much already.)

Here are my two boys… and I’m happy to say I’m keeping them.

And then we went to a wedding. Here is my Town and Country shot of the cakes.

Yep, you did see that right, the cake topper is SQUIRRELS!!

The Ends.


4 responses to “My Week in Photos

  1. That is one cute cat but I am sort of concerned about the squirrels.

  2. Just to clarify…the reason that Ben is a blur in the background is because he’s training to be a Ninja.

  3. I’m totally copying and pasting Coco and/or Patrick out of these pictures.

  4. wait…that salty “someone doesn’t eat enough fruit” cum smell pervading our apartment was that DRESS?


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