Flickr is my friend

Hey everyone it’s me, feverishly working on new ideas for my blog! Remington Noiseless Portable I just wanted to post this here so everyone would know that I have uploaded some pictures to my newly acquired flickr account. You should be able to get there by clicking on the photo above. Or to make it easier, just click here: FLICKR!!

oh yeah, and also… Best. Necklace. Ever.

Also, I actually have a photo of my actual cat to update the last post.

Here is my cat:
my cat

the cat I found on google:google cat

scarily similar except mine looks, and probably is, a bit more pissed off. When he isn’t giving the camera the evil eye, he really does look like that though. weirdness prevails.

Lets compare side by side

separated at birth? me thinks maybe.


One response to “Flickr is my friend

  1. i want an animal

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