For those of my friends who are single and having trouble lining up that date Friday night, I say, worry no more! Apparently, being a disgruntled server is very very sexy and deserves being asked out…twice. So, drop what you’re doing and rant, damnit, rant. Anyways, I found that amusing.

Also, last night Pat and I came up with the best game ever. We wrote a children’s story together, which you would never actually read to a child. I want to scan it next time I have access to a scanner. It was total collaboration because one of us would draw an illustration and then the other had to write the words for that page, and then you switch for the next page. And you can’t discuss what you drew or where you think the story is going. On a similar note, I keep trying to do hourly comics like my cool friends but so far the most I’ve done in a row is four. It goes like this. 11:49, 12:50, 1:20 and then at 9pm I’m like SHIT! I forgot I was doing comics today. One day I will do a full set. I will scan my half finished comics when I scan my book.

lastly, allow me to share something that brightened my valentines day and has continuosly graced my CD player (yes, sadly, an old school, battery operated cd player.) I am getting old.) “all things go”


One response to “Apparently..

  1. hourly comics what? that sounds totally do-able given that i workfor about 10 minutes of every hour i get paid.

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