An Ode to My Kitty

Cats are funny people. I inherited a cat on my 10th birthday and promptly dubbed him “Coco Carlos Jose Calico King.” Lacking a digital camera, I have taken the liberty of scouring google for a lookalike cat to stand in for coco. Coco, are you going behind my back to talent scouts?This one is actually scarily close. Except my kitty has a white body with orange spots and an orange tail. sort of like this cat.

hmm... except less obese.

Even as we speak, he is sitting on the bed next to me happily licking the side of a recipe book. The truth is, he’s always licked paper and I’ve never quite known what to do about it. I have several books which I inadvertently left in his reach which now are missing upper right corners. He also persists in waking me up several times a night. He will be happily curled up on the bed when I fall asleep. At some point during the night he will decide to get up and prowl around… after convincing himself that the apartment is very much the same at night as it is during the day, he will decide to do what cats do and go back to sleep. HOWEVER, he always stops on the floor right next to my head and meows until I groggily pat the bed next to me and say “c’mon coco,” at which point he will cozily curl back up and fall asleep until he decides to repeat the routine in a couple of hours. OK, and one last idiosyncrasy: I have two bubble-eyed goldfish. Like this:

Mia Wallace vince vega

The gold one is Vincent Vega (the Second) and the black one is Mia Wallace. Lately I noticed when I came home from work that the fish food would be in some obscure corner of the room. At first I chalked it up the cat knocking it over in his zeal to watch the goldfish. However he seemed unconcerned with the fish normally. I then noticed the teeth marks on the container and put 2 and 2 together and offered the cat a pinch of fish food. He was happy, I was happy, and now he gets a pinch everytime the fish are fed.

One last anecdote, the other day I was in the living room and heard a loud thump. I recognized the sound of a bird flying into a glass window (we used to have a suicide diving robin) and quickly ran to see what had happened. Turns out it was in fact a bird, but the noise had been made by my clumsy cat running into the sliding glass door and the bird, of course, escaping unscathed. Coco just looked disoriented.

So heres to you my faithful companion, I love you, I hate you, but mostly I love you.


One response to “An Ode to My Kitty

  1. aw! i’m glad that:
    1. vincent vega (1) has a successor.
    2. vincent vega finally gets mia wallace.

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